Our company

Machines. Fantastic engineering.
A perfectly assembled group of mobile elements which carries out mechanical work.
However, at RCA they are much more than that; they have souls…
but the most important thing is to know how to provide it to them.

Technology makes the impossible possible, and that is what we do best at RCA Industrial Solutions, adapting endless resources and knowledge, so that the efficiency and tranquility provided by the latest technologies accompany our customers in all their projects.

Custom machinery manufacturing or reconditioning, complying with every centimeter of code requirement, and attending to the highest quality standards in each procedure is part of our DNA.

We were born in 2006 with the goal of implementing the industrial developments of our customers and their companies, ensuring maximum efficiency, and thus, ensuring that each manufacturing process complies with optimal respect for the environment.

Our extensive team made up of industrial, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers, and assembly technicians, put all their effort and attention day after day to get each unique project forward.

After 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, all of them with personalized projects in countless national and international points, we have the experience acquired throughout this journey, and yet, we still work with the same eagerness as the first day.

Committed to the client throughout all the process.

Tell us your impossible idea
and we will put a soul on it.


RCA misión


Human team whose goal is to improve our customer’s production processes through advanced technological developments and solutions.

RCA visión


To be perceived as the best industrial option and being recognized thanks to our adaptation with each client and our exclusive services.

RCA valores


Teamwork, trust, responsibility, speed and honesty, as fundamental pieces to fulfill our goals.