Plastic world machinery

Extensive experience in developing plastics industry systems.
From storage, transport, and dosage to homogenization.
RCA mundo plástico. Dosificación, transporte y almacenamiento.

Plastic world in RCA

We can offer you technical advice and comprehensive engineering services with simple and innovative solutions that will ensure a highest quality finished product and an optimal efficiency.

Dosing systems

Standard and custom-developed systems for complex projects and materials with different systems.

Vibratory feeder dosing system

  • Chippings
  • Regrinds

Batch type

  • Chippings
  • Regrinds
  • Powder


  • Oils
  • Resins

Spindle Systems

  • Regrinds
  • Microbeads
  • Powder
Dosificación tipo Batch.


Transport systems calculation and development, for chippings, regrinds, and powder.

Pneumatic by vacuum

Pneumatic by means of dense phase blowing

Mechanical by spindles

  • Rigid
  • Flexible


Silos and hoppers made of different materials, and with different capacities; both indoor and outdoor, as well as different types of intermediate stations.

Silo control

Big Bag Stations

Bag Breakers

Dosing systems

Integration of different types of dispensers to offer customer a solution tailored to the requirements of their machine.

We develop the interface that will coordinate the customer’s machinery with our dosing systems, being able to establish recipes, quality control, etc.

Gravimetric dosing systems on extruders, several mouths.